Saturday, December 09, 2006

We always celebrate Saint Nicholas Day. We started it when the children were very young. To teach them about sacrificial giving and to give them a little something to help them hold in their excitement until Christmas. Our tradition has been to bake cookies and give them anonomously to neighbors. We have lots of neighbors who live alone or are single parents. Then we put candy coins and a little present in our children's stockings. Since the children are getting older and we do a lot of volunteer services I thought we would stop this little tradition. You would have thought I had said I was canceling Christmas when I suggested this. So, the General and I decided to get a cute joke gift and the candy coins and continue this tradition. I was in A and N one day and came across red union suits. The General and I decided this would be a cute gift. I bought four, one for the General unbeknowst to him. Since he and Captain Cool wear the same size I embroiderd my little pet name for him on his. This week when we celebrated Saint Nicholas Day the children got a great laugh out of the red union suits. The last laugh was on me though. They loved them and have been wearing them under their clothes. This has become especially a nice thing since the temperatures have fallen in the 30's here during the days.

This morning I need to embroider a stocking and mend a hole in one of the General's work coats. I have loads of other work to do, but Captain Kitty and I will have most of the day to ourselves and plan on getting some shopping done. Then this evening our Sunday School class is having a Christmas party.

Sew Long for Now!


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This is an awesome tradition with the secret giving of cookies! I just might do that myself with my children!