Sunday, December 03, 2006

This a picture from last year's marketplace. Friday night we had around 650 visitors. Saturday they had around 1250 people. It is a wonderful fun thing. My husband played a Roman soldier Friday night and Saturday. As part of the act our oldest son is a prisoner and he pretends to go in the jail and beat him. Saturday when he came out he said several little boys ask him if he had whipped Jesus. My husband tried to explain to them that he had whipped a prisoner for not paying his taxes. The boys just couldn't understand so he had to tell them that if the walked through the market and got to the end they would see baby Jesus in a manger. It is fun to act a part and interact with the people. One interested sewing tidbit. Last year I bought literally thousands of yards of material for costumes. I bought some bargain fabric because I was spending so much money. I washed my costume after wearing it two days straight last year. I didn't bother to try it on before Friday. It had shrunk four inches in length! LOL. Next year I will need another costume. The children's concerts went well yesterday. I have to smile looking at my calendar for the next week. I have sewing to do, of course, but we have commitments every night. I love the Christmas season. I just I wish I knew how to make it less hussle and bussle.

Sew Long for Now!


lindiepindie said...

That's so fun that your hubby and son get to act together. They must have a hard time not laughing when Dad is "beating" your son.

Thousands of yards? That would really have fixed my fabric addiction for a few months!

Lisa said...

I had every intention of going this past weekend but I forgot about Dickens of a Christmas and Nick plays the young Scrooge, so that knocked out Friday night and then the rest of the weekend, I just totally forgot. Tim isn't working on the weekends now but he did go out of town for the day and I just sat and read a book....the whole day! I have to admit, it was rather blissful. :) I do wish I'd managed to make it, though. Next year.