Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tuesday morning, Christmas is five days away. I finished embroidering 4 sweatshirts. I finished 4 more aprons. All this was for customers. I worked on the parka last night, came to the zipper and realized she didn't have one in the bag. This morning I am going out to get a zipper. I also had a customer come by yesterday asking for two stockings and a tree skirt to be embroidered for Christmas. I still have a purse, wallet, and skirt zipper to do for a customer. Then I have 8 more Christmas presents to make, or is that 12? I have started sending out my cards. If you are expecting one from me...it may be late. So sorry, please forgive me. I cut out the pattern for the General and Captain Cool's pants last night. Do I sound stressed? Well, yes I am just a tad. I did spend time yesterday reading out loud with the children. This morning I need to run errands and then I will work on the parka. I would like to finish it today. I need to cut out a bag and wallet today. I need to embroidery some more standing lace. I would like to iron the material for those pants. I should be ordering some buttons. This evening I will be taking off and going to my hearts at home monthly meeting. Oh yes, the picture. This is two of the four aprons I did. This set has a third apron to go with it. It is for a mother and her two daughters. Well, I am off.

Sew Long for Now!

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