Thursday, December 21, 2006

Here is the finised parka. Actually is called a Kuspuk and is a type of Alaskan jacket. The lady I did this for had cut out most of the pieces and began on it. She now has carpal tunnel and does not sew any more. This is the front view and below is the back view with the hood. It was not too difficult and actually fun to put together.

I made my first attempt at saying no to some one and it was a disaster! A lady I know from church called me when I got home Tuesday from running errands. I had just walked in the door and my son handed me the phone. She ask if I was busy with sewing and I told her yes, that I was swamped until after New Years. She burst into tears. It seemed she was calling from the CCU at a local hospital. Her husband, who is also Captain Chaos' Sunday School teacher, had a heart attach Sunday during church. She had promised a set of flags made for a local high school's ROTC competition...the next day. They weren't done. I did not know about her husband, I hadn't heard. Of course then I told her I would do it. She had her son bring all the stuff by. I stopped everything else I was doing and finished one Tuesday afternoon. Tuesday night was our stay at home Mom's meeting for church and I went. I needed to get some down time and I wouldn't do it at home with all that still needs to be done. We had so much fun just talking and hanging out that we lost track of time and I went home at 9:45. The General had a message that one of my sister in laws had called, so I called her back. She wanted me to embroider a shirt for a friend! LOL, but she doesn't need it till spring/summer. She lives in Afton so she just wanted to ask me so she could bring me the shirt on Christmas Eve when we all get together at my Momma's. Anyway, after all this I was tired and decided to just go to bed. I got up at 6 the next morning and the second flag went together pretty easy. I had them both ready to be picked up by 8 a.m. I went to work on the parka and had it finished by noon.

Today I have some e-mails to send then it's off to more sewing. Sew Long for Now!


linda said...

So you tried saying NO and it didn't work?!?! That is so funny! It sounds like something that would happen to me. I'm so glad you forced yourself to take a break, though and it sounds like you were just as productive as ever.

I'm feeling sorry for your friend with carpal tunnel. One of the reasons I splurged on a good sewing machine in my 30s is because I hear so often about older women who can't do the sewing they onced loved because of poor vision, etc. I'm glad you were able to finish it for her. It looks comfy.

Lisa said...

You are the awesome-est! You just made Christmas for me. :)