Thursday, December 14, 2006

I never did get to the parka yesterday. I had errands to run and then the General and I spent time last night running around looking for just the right material for the jackets. We finally found the right material at Hancock's. The lady was so nice and reminded me that there was a coupon that started today. She held the bolt for me and I ran back over there this morning and purchased it. That saved me $17. That will help go towards the 70 or so buttons I need to buy. I have been embroidering blankets today. I ran out of the pink thread just now. You see how far I was on this blanket. I have to take Captain Kitty to violin lessons tonight so I will go early and get some thread on the way. I would like to finish these blankets today. I would like to finish all the customer sewing I have by the weekend and then devote next week to the Vintage Ball outfits. That and baking. I haven't baked anything yet! I usually bake a different cookie every day during the holidays. Oh, and I forgot I still have presents to buy. I also got a call today that not all the residents at the nursing home will have gifts for Christmas. I would like to either buy some fleece and finish the edges or pick up some inexpensive blankets and take them over. Well, back to work.
Sew Long for Now!


lindiepindie said...

It sure seems like you have more of your share of busy-ness this holiday season. I don't know how you're keeping up! Way to make use of your machines, though, having them run at the same time. :o)

Linda said...

I am stressed reading your post!!!!You are very busy. I see you switched over your blog to beta as well. I find that it is easier to add and change things with blog. I hope you can bring over your previous blog heading with the threads, I really liked that. I think it will look good with this template. Take care and hope to see you in January if not before.