Saturday, December 16, 2006

I was so happy how this embroidery turned out. I had to design it. The picture is not so great, but in person it looked great! I delivered all the blankets yesterday after we attended the Nutcracker. The youngest two and I went to see the SW Virginia ballet's performance with some other homeschoolers, about 350 of them. Actually, this was the performance for school groups and ours was the largest. We knew several dancers in the ballet and it was just wonderful. Captain Chaos was not really interested in going. He had never seen this ballet. Afterwards he wanted to try out for an extra part next year. He wants to be one of the mice! I ended up having to do some shopping for Captain Cool yesterday afternoon because he had to work. It was after supper before I got to any sewing. I was so tired, but I made myself finish one customers work. The work wasn't hard, just hemming pants and repairing shirts. Then Captain Kitty and I worked on Christmas cards. I still haven't finished. LOL, mine may be New Years cards. This morning I am going with all the children to the mall. That sounds fun doesn't it? In the afternoon I am going to try to finish four aprons I have cut out and then tonight we may go to Bedford to see the lights at the Elk Home and Lakeview Park. That is a tradition we do every year.

Sew Long for Now!


Linda said...

Nice design. Good job.

linda said...

Great job designing the soccer ball. I've heard that designing a design is hard work. How fun that Cpt. Chaos wants to be a mouse! That's sweet.