Wednesday, December 13, 2006

This little elf has been busy in the workshop. Monday I jumped into the piles of sewing I have here. I embroidered three stockings with names. I embroidered a blanket with a name. Also, Captain Kitty and I embossed snowflakes for our Christmas cards. We did lots of laundry! Tuesday the youngest children and I went to our monthly party at the nursing home. We also went to the grocery store. We all know how much I love grocery shopping, not! When I got home I finished hemming five pair of pants that I had started Monday. While I was hemming the pants on my trusty old Euro Pro I had the Bernina beside me embroidering standing lace crosses. I plain on using them in Christmas gifts. The one pictured needs the stabilizer washed out of it. I will sew three or four of them together and put them around a plain ball ornament and make a tassel for the bottom. I did realize I need more stabilizer to finish making as many as I want. I also started altering a formal dress for a young lady to wear to the Vintage Ball. Of course there was the laundry to do. Captain Cool had an interview Tuesday with Rep. Goodlatt in his quest to be admitted to the Air Force Academy. Senator Allen sent him a letter last week that he chose some one else to recommend. Sigh, we were praying that he would recommend him, but there were several applicants also trying to get this honor. This morning I finished altering the dress for the ball. I also cut out four aprons that I have promised for a long time. Now, after I take a little break I am off to work on the parka and then I need to go to the store and get stabilizer and fish food. Tonight the General and I are going to JoAnn's to pick out material for the jackets for the ball.

Sew Long for Now!


Anonymous said...

The stars are beautiful, Cindi... you never cease to amaze me! SUCH creativity... it just oooooozes out of you, my friend!

You inspire me!

All is grace... and graced by Cindi,

Anonymous said...

And God has perfect plans for that son of yours, plans for GOOD. (((Cindi and W)))... we'll pray on.

Love to you all,

deb said...

Cindi, you are such a sewer!! My goodness, it sounds as if you have more than enough to keep you busy!

I wish I could even sew a pin cushion! I bought 1/8 yd of purple fabric today to "try" and sew a pin cushion. My new daughter-in-law asked for a chatelaine. I have the purple ribbon, the gingher scissors for one end, and now I'm facing sewing a pin cushion for the other end. I saw a $15 x-stitch one at Cross-Stitch Station today that I could handle because it was already sewn and all I'd need do is add the stitching. But methinks I won't be able to cross-stitch it in time, plus it was out of my price range after buying the gingher scissors. Besides, the fabric was only 91 cents. Big difference--IF I can do it. I'm going to work on it this weekend. Any tips to help me along?