Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Last night I finished this second wristlet. This is the one I revised the pattern for. It has a pocket inside. I made it several inches larger. This one looks better than the first, but I don't think I will make these for my up coming craft shows. They are very labor intensive. I could never make enough in time and they would have to cost too much for any one to be interested in them.

I had to do a little re-altering of the alteration to the black dress when the lady came to try it on. That done I cut out bags for the craft shows. I have some one coming this afternoon to pick up sewing. I also have a towel to embroidery, a bag to repair for the church, and more bags to cut out for the craft shows.

Sew Long for Now!


lindiepindie said...

I just read your post on Bagaholics, too. Isn't it sad that a handmade item isn't worth $15? Everyone wants cheap, cheap, cheap.

It turned out well, and an inside pocket is important, I think. I can't wait to see your mini quilted bag. That's gotta be cute!

Linda said...

I like the newer, improved and larger wrist bag. Like Lindiepindie, it is bad that you can't sell them for $15. I bet if you made some and became a seller on Etsy, you would sell them for that.

Lisa said...

You sure stay busy.

Lisa said...

Yeah, you should be an etsy seller!!