Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Scissor Fobs

Step 1: You need some type of string, wire, thread etc. to use. I chose the nylon beading thread. You need to measure the length of the scissors with the thread and then pull out double that amount and cut it off. The thread needs to be twice as long as the length of the scissors.

Step 2: I liked the idea of a cap on the fob to put over the end of my scissors. You don't have to do this. This is a knitting needle cap, used to put on the end of a knitting needle. They come in different sizes and you can usually find them with the knitting needles in the stores. I threaded my nylon through a needle and then punched the needle through the rubber of the cap. You pull the single strand through the cap having half the nylon on each side of the hole you punched.

Step 3: You then get to have fun. Pick out beads! I like to lay mine out in order so I can see how I want to put them on.

Step 4: Because I used nylon thread I did not need to use a beading needle. I just start putting the beads on. It is important to put both end of the thread through the beads.

Step 5: When you get almost all the beads on the nylon you need to put a clip. Because I made this one for a small pair of scissors I used a lobster claw. You need to put any type of clip you want that will attach to the handle of your scissors.

Step 6: After you put the rest of the beads on you need to some how secure the thread. Because I used nylon with mine, I used a crimp bead. The first time I put the crimp bead on the beads I had chose on the end all had holes too big and it did not secure them. I had to go back and change the last beads on my fob and put a smaller bead on the end so the crimp bead would hold it all in place.

This shows the crimp bead on the end.

Step 8: Clip scissor fob on to the scissors! It is really easy and fun.

Sew Long for Now!


RANDI said...

So cute, Cindi! Thanks for the how-to!

lindiepindie said...

I've never beaded so this is all really interesting. Thanks for making the tutorial. I was looking around in the beading section for the thread and didn't see it, but didn't know how to ask for it because I didn't know what it was called. :o)

Ruth said...

Thank you, Cindi, for posting the tutorial. I really don't need another hobby, but this looks like so much fun!

Linda said...

Much prettier than our practice ones at ASG! You ought to make more of these and sell them. Did I mention I love green beads! You did a great job.

Regina said...

Fantastic idea, thank you for sharing and the instructions!

Marly said...

Great idea; thanks for the tutorial.