Saturday, September 16, 2006

The jeans are finished. They turned out really nice. I hope they are what she wanted.

I have three doll dresses I have to get made for charity. I have a box of hats I need to embroidery for my nephew. I have a dress to alter and a baby outfit to embroidery. I think that is all the outside sewing I have for now. I bought myself some khaki material last month for a new skirt. I also have 2 craft shows coming up this fall and I need to get cracking sewing items for those.

At our sewing guild meeting Thursday we made these scissor fobs. We had a great time! (Right Linda?) The lady who showed us how to do this had brought samples and they were so pretty that I just had to make another out of green beads!

This is the one I made Friday. I have several more pair of scissors that just might need one of these! I could get addicted to beading. I really don't need another hobby though.

Sew Long for Now!


Ruth said...

The jeans are very nice. But I really, really like the scissors fobs. Do you think you can do a tutorial and post it to your blog? I'd like to know how to make one too. :-)

Lisa said...

I bet she'll love the jeans. The scissor fobs are great! I've made some of those, too and I like the way they feel on the scissors. They actually do help me keep track of my little scissors, too.

lindiepindie said...

So what's that little cone thingy on the end? I think I could get into beading as well - that's why I haven't started - I don't want another hobby!

Anonymous said...

Cindi- The scissor fobs are beautiful, especially the green one! So, do they actually help you to not lose the scissors or are they purely decorative? If they truly work then I think I might need a fob or two...we can never find scissors when we need them :-)
~~Laura B.

Cindi said...

LOL, Laura I haven't tried it long enough to know. I need to make ruler fobs. You know those small metal 6 inch rulers you use in sewing? I can never find my two!