Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I didn't get much sewing done over the weekend. I took the cuffs off and moved them up 2 inches on a lady's sweater for her. I also worked on an embroidery on a dress for a lady.

This dress jacket had long sleeves and she wanted them shortened. Then she wanted some embroidery to be added to the jacket and dress. I really liked the dress as it was. I did add some embroidery and some crystals in the embroidery. You can not see the crystals in this picture.

I tried to take a picture close up to show the crystals, but you still can't see them as well. They sparkled very prettily in the light.

I also worked on Captain Kitty's skirt. I only have the hem to finish and the top to embellish.

Sew Long For Now!

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Linda said...

Cindi, I remembered seeing this dress at your house when there. Love what you have done with this. Like the embroidery and crystals.!