Wednesday, September 06, 2006

One of the reasons I didn't get much sewing done is that we went away Monday. It was the General's first day off since June and we decided we needed to get out of town. We headed to my folks thinking we would go to the lake and spend the day.

This a view across one of my folks pasture fields. It rained the whole way up the road and when we arrived it had started raining there. So, the lake was out. I have lived in Virginia my whole life and there are several places I have never gotten to visit. One of those is Luray Caverns. I ask the General if we could go there instead. He liked the idea and even my folks decided to come along.

The caverns where breath taking in their beauty. This is the awesome reflection in the pool. The water looked like glass and the reflection was so perfect we thought it was stalgtites.

With my love of fabric, this formation touched my heart. This is called the bathtowel of Luray. It looks like a piece of linen material drapped from the ceiling. It is amazing. The only hard part was the last part of the path goes up very steep. My parents and I had a slight bit of difficulty at the end. My stamina just isn't back up to what it was pre-surgery.

Sew Long for Now!


deb said...

Hi Cindi! Guess what?! We didn't end up doing this, but my husband suggested going to Luray Caverns on Monday, too!! He was in from working the storm and wanted to do something out of the house. It was so rainy that the Caverns was what he came up with. Some wanted to; some didn't. But - we could have been there at the exact same time! I wonder if we would have recognized each other's families. Wouldn't that have been interesting! Thanks for posting some pics of your trip.

RANDI said...

The caverns look amazing! Even in the picture, the bath towel looks beautiful!

lindiepindie said...

What a nice outing - it looks beautiful. We went down into some caverns on our honeymoon - it's amazing what is down there under our feet! Just beautiful.