Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Yesterday I whiled away my time in self centered pity. The General had to work both morning and night. We had no extra money for me to get him a great gift. I was sad and wanted to do something special. Today I had to kick myself in gear because self pity never does any good. The General and I haven't had the smoothest life. We have had many uphill struggles, the best thing is that we both have learned to compromise and live with it. We have a wonderful life. My Momma always tells me to look around and you can always find some one worse off than yourself.
This evening sewed the strips in this bag, cut out the lining and pockets and sewed the pockets on, and cut out the hands and sewed them.

I also cut out this purple mantel and made it for the customer's statue.

I also finished this gold mantel for her friend's statue.

Sew Long for Now.


Lisa said...

{{{{Hugs}}}}for you. Neat stuff you made. :)

Ann V. said...

Cindi, you are a woman who seeks to go Jesus way! Press on, be encouraged! We are blessed with you!

lindiepindie said...

Well, good for you snapping yourself out of your down mood! It's so easy to just stay there and it takes incredible strength to do what's harder - to appreciate God's many blessings and taking your mind off of the yucky stuff. Of course, one of the great tools for helping me get out of my self-pity is sewing! You are such a great seamstress - how wonderful to have a hobby AND be so good at it! Your purse is going to be beautiful. You have had a productive day! God bless you.

deb said...

Beautiful purples! I love them.