Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood. Blue skies, nice temps. We cleaned the living room today. Captain Cool worked some more cleaning the basement. The General and I went to vote today. The General had to be at work at 5 a.m. this morning because our church was used as a voting place. That wouldn't have been so bad, but, he didn't get home from work until 11:30 last night. I tried to keep things quiet and let him have a long nap between jobs today. Math, language arts, Awana, science, and reading out loud were all done today. We even got in a walk. Captain Cool had his finals in his community college class. He took pre-cal this semester. The teacher checked it while he was there. He got an A on the test and an A in the class.

I hemmed a pair of pants, a skirt, and a dress for a customer today. I also quilted the purse pieces. I learned something; do not put heavy stabilizer on first before quilting if you want it to have that puffy quilted look. Mine just looks like rows of stitching. I am going to finish this bag and do another one where I quilt it with the batting first and then put the stabilizer on. Some times I just don't think through projects. I need to put it on another color to take the pictures. The colors are not coming out to their correct hue on this background. Tomorrow I have to pick up some sewing from a blind lady I do work for. I hope to put the pieces together, make a handle and work on the lining. Tomorrow night I have to take the children to Awana so we will see how much I get done.

Sew Long for Now.


Susan said...

This quilting is SO pretty! I love it! I'm going to learn to quilt one of these days. Can't wait to see your finished bag.

Lisa said...

I keep saying that too Susan. lol one of these days.

Cindy, the colors are so gorgeous together. It's looking great.

I didn't vote yesterday. I know. Shame on me. The truth is I know one of the guys running and I couldn't bring myself to vote against him and I couldn't vote for him...so I just didn't vote. :(

Tim and I are going to Swagat today, the Indian place downtown across from the Christian Science (monitor?) reading room and the peanut store. lol I can't wait. They have the best food and we haven't been there since February. I love date day. :)

deb said...

Cindi, I LOVE the colors and the whole quilted look of it.