Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Today didn't quite go as planned. I woke up with a terrible sinus headache. I took some medicine and vowed to trudge on. By the time the General got home from his morning job I was seeing blurry. The children were all cleaning their rooms so he told me to go to bed and he took over. The next thing I knew it was noon and they were waking me up for lunch. Since the General works evenings our family meal is lunch. The General had grilled burgers and the children had made fries. While I was eating my head was pounding and I felt sick so the General gave me some stronger medicine and sent me back to bed. You know I can't thank God enough for the husband he gave me and the children he has loaned me. They are great and treat me wonderful. By the time the General had to go into his evening job I was feeling better. I still have a feeling of fluid in my one ear, so it might be a sinus infection. I don't really think it is. In the last year or so I seem to have developed allergies. I also have developed an uncanny reaction to the weather. When ever a pressure system for a storm moves through I can tell you it's coming without even watching the weatherman, I get a horrible headache.

The only lessons done today had to do with Awana. The year is ending up. Captain Kitty has finished her book and done all her silver and gold also. She is working on memorizing a bronze pack. She is saying 35 or so verses tonight. Her ability to memorize things just astounds me. I can't remember my name some days, but my daughter can memorize 35 verses in 3 days. Captain Chaos finished his book and is on his last four silver and gold. One of the things he had to do for his was make something for his leader and write a thank you note to him for his help this year. Captain Kitty helped show him how to work the bread machine to make dough. He made French bread dough then got it out and let it rise and baked it in the oven. He had to also figure out a reading schedule to read the book of John in three months. Since he is in 3rd grade it took quite some math skills to figure out how many verses he would have to read a day to finish the 21 chapters of John in 3 months.

On the sewing front, since I did not feel well I decided not to do any work for customers today. I also was itching to work on my purse. I thought through the rest of the process this time. I made the two handles by cutting out 3 inch strips about 28 inches long. Then I folded the sides together and ironed. I unfolded the sides and then folded the edges in to the middle and ironed again. Next I folded the strip back in half on the first fold and then sewed 1/4 inch from the edge on each side of the strip. I used the quilted outside pieces and laid them on a piece of coordinating fabric and cut out lining the same size as the outside. I cut a couple of rectangles from some of the print used in the outside pieces. These became the inside pockets. I cut them double the size I wanted. Then I folded them right sides together and sewed down the sides. I flipped them right sides out and ironed them flat. I top stitched the folded edge. This made self lined pockets. To hide the raw edge bottom I marked where I wanted to put the pockets on the lining fabric and then flipped the pocket rectangle so I was sewing across the raw edge and the pocket was laying upside down from the way i wanted it to go. Next I pressed the pocket piece over this stitching and pinned it where I had marked it to go. Then I sewed it down and marked and sewed the divider seams. I liked the closure that Turkeyfeathers used with her bags so I got out my size 0 crochet needle and some coordinating embroidery floss and crocheted a plain chain the length of about 6 inches. I found a button in my stash I liked. I sewed up the sides and bottom of the outside of the bag and the sides and bottom of the lining. I folded and pinned in 1/2 inch on the top of the outside portion and the lining portion. Then I put the lining in the bag and pinned them together. I placed the handle straps where I wanted them and pinned them between the bag and lining. I made a loop out of the crocheted chain and pinned it to the center of one side between the bag and the lining. Last I top stitched all of it together and then sewed the button on. I love the look of this bag and it was very easy to put together. I can't wait to start another!

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