Thursday, May 04, 2006

I began to think evening would come and I wouldn't have sewn a thing today. I over slept. I tried to do some lessons with the children. We made it through math. As soon as lunch was done I had to take Captain Cool to a nursing home to sing with his choir. I spent an hour looking for the nursing home. The directions we were given gave a place that is no longer in business as the landmark to look for. Thanks be for cell phones. After dropping him off I picked up some sewing and hurried home because a customer was suppose to pick up some sewing. She hasn't showed up yet. About 2:30 my head ache became a pounding mess again. I took allergy medicine and tylenol. I tried to lay down. All I could think was how messy my file cabinets were and how messy my sewing/craft room was. I got up and started to clean them. I decluttered a lot. I have a huge can full of trash and the flat surfaces in my sewing room are visible. I was thinking while doing this how hard a time I have being creative when things are so messy. I was also thinking how much material I have. I really need to try to use it before I allow any more in. I didn't say buy because quite a lot of my stash has been given to me. I have friends who for some reason buy material then decide they are not going to use and bring it to me. Both of the bags I just made came from all donated material.

After I cleaned everything up I decided to make one of the mini pin cushions I saw on 4:59 a.m.'s blog. I had been saving bottle caps to do this. Captain Kitty and I went looking for felt. For some reason we both thought I had more colors than we found. We followed the instructions on the tutorial and they turned out so cute! We have decided we need to go get a better variety of felt colors and do more. Oh, and some thing good about my day. I had just been telling the General that I needed a new digital camera, one with a macrozoom feature. While trying to take a picture of this cute little pin cushions I discovered my camera does have a macrozoom feature! Go figure, who would have known I should have read the instruction manual! I called the General to excitedly tell him the news. For some reason he just wasn't as joyful about the news as I was! LOL.

Sew Long for Now!

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Ann V. said...

Hope your headache clears soon, Cindi...and you are feeling better! Too funny that you read 4:59's blog too ---so beautiful! The pin cushions are LOVELY!

Standing ovation!
(And I had a camera that got "smashed" in luggage coming home from Fl....and when I went to buy a new one, they just moved a button on our old one, and it focused again! TA DA! Don't you LOVE God surprises like that??!!! Whoo hoo, Cindi!)