Friday, August 25, 2006

We have added almost all of school back into the days. It seems to be going well. I chose a lot of curriculum that is self explanitory.

This afternoon I hemmed another pair of pants. I also cut out a pattern for a shirt for myself, and cut out the material for a skirt for Captain Kitty.

This is some older material that was in my stash. Captain Kitty has decided she likes blue. I cut this out to make a simple skirt with elastic. I am going to look for a plain t-shirt to match it and then frill it up. I was thinking of using some of the material to make ruffles on the sleeves and hem or maybe to put an applique on it.

Sew Long for Now!


Linda said...

I like the ruffle on the sleeves idea. I seem to be seeing ruffles on lots of RTW. See you next Friday.

MéLisa said...

Very pretty! I like blue too. I find very calming. Maybe I should change my blog to blue to calm my commenters! Ha! Thanks for stopping by!

lindiepindie said...

I like it that she "decided she liked blue". Kids can be funny that way. The fabric is pretty and will make a pretty skirt. Maybe if you have some left over, it would make a nice strip in a quilted purse! You know I look at fabric and all I can think of is a bag!

Lisa said...

That sounds like it will be really pretty. I like your card, too. :)