Saturday, August 05, 2006

Since blogger will not let me type but so much in one post let's do two today.

My finished wallet.

The inside view.

There are couple of things I need to do better the next time I make this pattern. One is I need to hand sew the binding to the inside, it would look better. The other is find a way to do the binding on the end of the inside pocket to make it look neater. Besides that this was a very easy pattern to do. It only took me a couple of hours to make. I really like it. The pattern can be found at

Sew Long for Now!!


lindiepindie said...

Very nice - the green shows up better in these pictures. I hope it gives you many years of good use!

Linda L said...

Love the wallet. Turned out very nice.

Tori said...

Oh that's really nice and you know what's funny, I have that same material, I bought it in Romania! :0)

Cindi said...

Tory that is so cool to think we can look at our fabric and know a sister in another part of the world has the same. Isn't it just mind boggling how little the world is becoming?