Thursday, August 17, 2006

Over the years since we acquired our first computer I have been a member of several e-mail loops and now I love blogging and the blogging community. I have been blessed with meeting and getting to know women I otherwise would never have known. I often feel unworthy of the love they have shown me. Yesterday was one of those days I felt unworthy. I received a package from a dear dear blogging lady who I have come to think of as a close friend. I have never met her, but she went out of her way to send me a package. Not just any package, but one she filled with things she chose with me in mind. How wonderful is that. It really lifted my spirit. Thank you Linda. If you want to get to know her and see for your self how wonderful she is you can visit her blog here.

While I was in the hospital I got a visit from another lady and her step-daughter. A lady who I had never met in real life, whom I only knew from this blogging community. How special is that to find someone who lives in your own city and find your have so much in common through blogging. Then for that person to take time out of their life and come and see you just when you needed a lift of spirit. She also made me something keeping in mind what she knew of me from my blog and brought it to me. I will post a picture of it tomorrow. Thank you so much Lisa and Emily for coming to see me. If you want to get to know Lisa and see what a great person she is you can visit her here.

There is another groups of ladies whom I have been blessed to get to know over the years. We have been on the same e-mail loop for five or six years. We came together with an interest in similar teaching styles for our children and have blossomed into a community of sisters. We have welcomed new children into each others families. We have watched over each other in times of trouble and rejoiced with each other in times of happiness. Words will never express what I feel towards this group of ladies I have never met in real life, but with whom I have shared so much of my life. Thank you Ann, Linda B, Heather, Pattie, Jamie, Linda, Denise, and Laura.

Sew Long for Now!


deb said...

I know exactly what you mean! It is so very encouraging when others take time out to go that extra mile for us. I'm so glad you were encouraged and that your cyber friends showed the love of Christ to you. Glad you are recuperating so well, Cindi.

Tori said...

I must have missed the post about you being ill, it sounds like your on the upswing and thank the Lord for that!

I also am very amazed at how sweet and generous our bloggy friends can be. I had a wonderful surprise not too long ago from a very sweet blogging friend, my DH and DK were so tickled, what a blessing.

And then you wanting to send the crayons, how sweet is that!! If we weren't going on furlough in about 3 months I would take you up on that Crayola offer but with us coming home soon I think it would be a waste of your hard earned money. But, the thought is just as valuable as the package would be. Thank you so much for choosing to be a blessing, and your sweet gesture has been just that, a BLESSING!!!

lindiepindie said...

You sweetie - this is such a sweet post. I was hoping to put a smile on your face and to encourage you. I am so glad that others have come along and done the same and more! What a blessing to have friends. You are blessed!

I hope you are feeling better.

Ann V. said...

You are loved and prayed for, dear (((Cindi))).