Friday, August 18, 2006

I said yesterday that I would post a picture of what Lisa made and brought me in the hospital. This is a beaded book marker, with green beads of course! Since we all know green is my favorite color.

I have actually been sewing a little over the past several days. I hemmed the sleeves of a jacket on one day. The next day I hemmed the bottom, the jacket was lined so that took a bit of manipulation. I have been working on the clear bags the lady wanted. I am so not happy with them. I have tried everything. I tried taking a store bought cosmetic bag and replacing the zipper (she wants a certain color that you can't buy them in). That was not possible. The bags you buy at the store are made on some type of special machine and do not have a seam in the bottom. I couldn't get the zipper in. I tried cutting the bottom off the bag and redoing both the top and bottom and I couldn't get it back together to look right. I tried buying some clear vinyl and making them from scratch. To me they just look bad. I am wits end. If any one has any idea how to make clear plastic cosmetic bags in 2 1/2 inch by 4 inch dimensions with a zipper please please help me!

Sew Long for Now!


lindiepindie said...

The beaded bookmark is pretty. Such a nice gift.

I wish I could help you with the vinyl bag. I'm not any good with zippers, and vinyl scares me...

Linda said...

I love the beaded bookmark. Sorry, I too, can not help with the vinyl bag.

I am so glad to read your blog and know that you are obviously on the mend. Please don't over do.

Take care of yourself and I hope to see you soon.

Linda said...

Me again!

I can't find my ASG Directory. If you saw my desk you would understand why.

I am not sure if you are up to this or not. I need help with fitting the cover for my new Uniquely You Dressform. I have gone as far as I can fitting myself and now I need assistance.

I am not sure how this request matches up with all your other customers sewing requests, probably a first. Anywho, I want to contract with you to do this as your business is sewing and alterations and I need your professional help. Email me at and we can go from there.

It will require pinning cover on me, removing cover and sewing, fitting, pinning, sewing, and on and on. Directions are easy to follow it just requires two people.

If you are not up to this, I will truly understand. Your health is most important.