Tuesday, August 22, 2006

This is what I have recently done to the vinyl bags.
This is as close to what I want them to look like that I could get. If you look at the red one you will see the stitches looking not so good. No matter what I tried I could not get it to feed well to get a good stitch. These are better than the last several tries though!

I made two cards to send to people tonight. I am totally exhausted. I haven't been sleeping well, I am not taking pain medicine any more. I would love a good nights sleep. A girl can dream!

Sew Long for Now!


Lisa said...

If we were neighbors, we could sneak to each other's houses and craft the night away. :) I'm not sleeping either. I'm sorry your meds are over. I hope you heal up fast. I've thought of calling a few times but I always worry that I'll make you get up if you're resting.

The bags turned out great. I knew they would. I'm sure she'll love them.

lindiepindie said...

Well, that's quite a lot to have gotten done! I can't tell anything wrong with the bags from the picture. I am wondering, though if the issue was with the vinyl feeding, did you try a walking foot and also using something slippery that you could tear away on the bottom so that the would feed evenly? Another idea is if you could get some store-bought ones with white zippers, you could just dip them in dye to get different colors....although that sounds like cheating, somehow.

I hope you can get some rest. I started reading Catherine Marshall's books a few years ago when I was routinely getting up from 3am-5am. She went through a time of not sleeping well also. Maybe your doctor could give you something? I'm normally not a drug person, but sometimes you need it. My allergy meds knock me out, and for that I am actually grateful.

Ann V. said...

I like the bags, Cindi! You are so talented. I can only *dream*...
I keep saying I am going to make a bag for my little portable wordprocessor that I type on, but I am never going to get there...I'll just live vicariously through you!

Much love, Cindi!

RANDI said...

I hope you have gotten some rest over the last few days! Is there an over the counter medication you can take? Sleep is such an important part of the healing process!

Emily showed me your template design and I LOVE it! If you need help installing it, let us know!

Linda said...

I think the bags look good. I will remember that vinyl sewing can be tough.

Cindi said...

You all are so kind.

Yes Linda, I did use a walking foot and tissue paper. There was the slip factor, but the turning was the worst part.

Randi and Emily, I am going to attempt putting the new template up this weekend. If you hear any squealing out your way you'll know I can't do it myself. I am seriously considering taking you up on just letting you do it!

ohelene said...

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