Saturday, August 12, 2006

Just a little note to let my friends know I am home. The surgery went well. I am on a lot of restrictions because of my history and what the surgeon had to do this time. I can't sit up for long periods of time so no sewing machine sewing for now. I did tell the General this will drive me crazy so he suggested I knit or crochet something. I have several WIPs going that I might can work on. I also have some dishtowels I have had stored for over a year with the idea to hand embroidery them. Now seems a good time.

I can't thank y'all enough for praying for me. I could feel the prayer surrounding me on Tuesday and it really helped me get through this.

Sew Long for Now!


Deb said...

Cindi, that's good news to hear. Glad everything went well. Maybe this will be a blessing in disguise, and you will get tons of handwork done and finished projects that you hadn't planned on! :)

lindiepindie said...

I'm glad you're home and are being taken care of. I hope this can be a time of rest and renewal for you.

Linda said...

I am so glad to hear you are home. That is great news! I did not make it to ASG last week. My boss likes to work people even more when they come back from vacation. He really does not like it for people to go on vacation.

RANDI said...

Hi Cindi,

I haven't been able to check in on you yet because my laptop is getting fixed and it has all of my bookmarks on it! I have been thinking of you though! So glad that things are going well for you in your recovery and i hope that you still take some time to rest and take it easy!