Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I couldn't sleep last night. Nerves. I got up and cut out some things. One of the things I finally got around to cutting out was my new billfold/wallet.

I am using this pattern from the company Favorite Things. I love this green material with small roses. I have enough left that I may use it in making a new purse for autumn. I have never made this pattern before so it will be a learning experience for me.

I went to the surgeon today. My surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday. I have so much to do ahead of time. I did the finishing work on the green dress and black skirt for the lady who came for her fitting last night. They are ready to go. I have to finish up the linen shirt and skirt. I want to get them done by Friday. I need to make another pair of pj pants for Captain Kitty. I need to finish hemming a jacket and making those clear bags for a lady. I have a jacket to embroidery for some one. Some one brought me three pair of pants to hem, but they are cordourey so I think I can wait on those. I hope to finish my wallet. I need to go shopping this weekend for shoes and clothes for the children. I need a new nightgown or two.

The good thing is that the busier I stay the less time I have to dwell on the surgery. I guess if you have never had surgery it isn't so bad because you don't know what to expect. Since I am about to have my tenth surgery and my 5th in the last four years I know what I am facing and I don't look forward to it. I would much rather be happily oblivious.

Sew Long for Now!


Lisa said...

That looks like a neat project. I have the companion fabric to that green. It's exactly the same but the roses are big. At one point I had that fabric, too. I had made curtains and pillows using both...and then some rose striped material for a dust ruffle. I still remember my mom saying " I thought you were making it to match." Ha. Now my non-matching style is all the rage. :)

If there is anything I can do to help out, please let me know! I'm close by, y'know. :)

lindiepindie said...

Ah - a nice green purse for autumn would be nice!

It sure would be hard to be happily oblivious, but maybe you can go into it peaceful instead of with stress. I pray that you'll feel at peace these few days as next Tuesday approaches.