Thursday, June 01, 2006

This morning Captain Kitty got her hair trimmed. This is the first time in about five years she has gone to the hair saloon. She is so afraid they will cut her hair short. Her hair is about to her waist. I found a great stylist though. The stylist herself has long hair so she was very respectful of CK's wishes to keep her length. CK's hair looks really nice, she still has her length, and the stylist showed her how to curl it with a curling iron to make it look really cute.

I hemmed two shirts for customers this evening. I fixed the straps on a dress for some one. I repaired a bib type thing used in the daycare at church. I embroidered bookmarks for teacher gifts. I even got the sides pieced for the blue bag. I was worried I wasn't going to be able to sew at all with all the lightening and thunder here. I don't like to turn on my machines with storms. It finally calmed down and the sun even came out.

These are going to be part of gifts for the children's Sunday School teachers.

This is the bag I am doing for the exchange student who is going home. I need to finish it by Sunday.

Sew Long for Now!


Ann V. said...

Oh, Hope doesn't want to get her hair cut either, but it so needs a trim... we'll try the salon soon and let you know what it looks like... LOVED the bags... and the gifts for the SS teachers....

You are so, so kind, Cindi

jojo* said...

Jealous of your embroidery! And that bag is going to be beautiful!

Lisa said...

Oh, everything you're sewing is really nice.

I was in the DMV and missed the storm. I came out and saw where limbs had blown onto the road and stuff and was really surprised.

I was thinking about going to that used book sale. I see the sign every time I go to Krogers but I have too many books with no place to put them already. lol

I'm glad CK likes her hair. It's scary getting your hair cut anymore. So many of the stylists do what they like instead of what you asked for. I'm glad hers wasn't like that. :)

lindiepindie said...

When I was a kid, I liked my long hair as well. Now, it's my hubby that likes it long, and I got a cut last year that was WAY too short! Don't know why a "trim" always means "major cut" to so many hairdressers! How fun that she got to go to a hairdresser - I hope she enjoyed the experience. It's been a year since I've gone!

JuliaR said...

I cut my husband's hair with the number 4 clippers. I have said that if we went anywhere like wilderness camping, I would take the clippers to my own head for practicality. Last summer, we went bicycle camping - not exactly wilderness but still with often limited resources. I went to the hair cutters and asked them to shear me down to about two inches all over and it was very practical! I could be in and out of a camp shower in under two minutes. (There was a coin operated model that cost 25 cents per minute so that's how I know.)

I love those blue fabrics together - they are beautiful.