Sunday, June 18, 2006

All my chicks are back in the coop. Sun burnt, but, back. We went to the lake yesterday after picking the youngest two up.
This has always been my favorite view. The island at the lake.

Here's the General in "cool mode."

Here is a shot he took of me looking silly!

Here's Captain Cool being what else-Cool!

Captain Kitty being silly!

Captain Chaos all wet!


Lisa said...

Looks like a happy bunch!

I like the book you got with the bag patterns.

I know you're happy to have everyone back together. :)

Ohhh I've been meaning to ask you. Did you happen to know any of these people? India Erb, Sharon Butler, Mary Lou Lumsden...there are others I can't think of now that I started. I'm really curious. I asked Linda if she knew them but they had moved (all but Mary Lou) by the time she got here.

lindiepindie said...

Everyone's back and happy! What a fun day at the lake.