Monday, June 12, 2006

Our oldest son has made it safe to Colorado Springs. He is only staying a week. This is called the summer seminar. It is for potential Air Force Academy Candidates. You have to turn in a resume and PSAT scores and be picked to attend. If all goes well and he receives a nomination he will attend the academy next year. This is a very difficult process. Only so many people from each state are selected each year. Since it is an all expense paid college education it is very competative. We have prayed a lot about this and we feel this is God's will for his life. If God wants him there next year, He will make it happen.

It is so quiet here with no children. I am feeling a bit lonely. Not bored, never bored. I am just not used to so much silence. I spoke with the youngest two just a little while ago and they were full of tales of riding horses on the farm today and the Grandparents taking them to Tasty Freeze. They are hoping the Grandparents will take them to the lake tomorrow. Granddaddy will not let them swim in the creek because a lot of debris has washed down during some storms over the winter, that and he has a couple of bulls that seem to be aggressive. He doesn't want them in the field with them.

Today I got up about 5:30 and worked in the garden. With the blessing of the weekend rain came weeds. I got through about half the garden this morning and plan on finishind the rest tomorrow morning. I embroidered 3 shirts for my nephew. I took in and hemmed some pants for a lady. I also finished the blue bag for the exchange student who is going home this month.

I added a cloth flower to this one. It looks cute. The material I used has a lot of blue and tan in it. In the photo it looks more black.

I hope to cut out some patterns tonight. We will have to see. I am running out of hours today.

Sew Long for Now!


Lisa said...

You've really been usual. It must feel strange (but kind of good) to have so much quiet.

Boy, it really rained, didn't it? I have more weeds than plants right now. I need to get out there.

Good luck to Captain Cool. :)

lindiepindie said...

The purse turned out really nicely. I've tried to make flowers but have failed many times. Maybe one of these days, I'll find something that works for me.

Enjoy this time - it will sure get noisy and busy again in no time!