Tuesday, June 20, 2006

This morning the children and I worked in the garden. They worked there yesterday morning and helped a lot getting the weeds under control. Today I started tieing up the tomatoes. They are finally starting to grow. I had to go out and get some more stakes. I used to use tomato cages. I found that I really didn't like them. This year I am trying stakes to see if I will like them any better.

The General assigned the youngest two papers to write and I had to help Captain Kitty do some research on the web for her's today. She had a hard time finding information on the first winning horse in the Kentucky Derby. I even had problems finding enough information to write a one page paper on him. Captain Cool is no longer a captain in Civil Air Patrol. He got promoted to Major last night. Since these cute names we use all got their beginning there he wanted to be called something else bysides Captain Cool. I told him that I was Major Momma so he would have to stay Captain Cool here.

I watched Madagascar with the children this evening. We had never seen that movie. It was cute, but, I wouldn't have missed any sleep if I never saw it. After that was over I told them I had to go sew. I finished hemming another jacket. Both the bottom and sleeves. I worked on making a skirt for some one. That serger sure did make the construction so far a breeze. Last I spent some time working on my shirt.

It's all done except the hem. I tried it on. Remember it is a slinky thin knit? I lined the top with the same fabric and that took care of the ability to see through the material. The slinky part...well, I may never wear it in public. It clings to every curve I have. These are curves that I do not want seen. I am not a small lady. I have parts that I purposely cover up. I don't know if I like this pattern. I can't judge by this top. I might make another one in a cotton and then decide if it is really a becoming style or not.

I need to work on my homemaking notebook. I also need to work on planning next years school.

Sew Long for Now!


Linda said...

I love the fabric. Sorry you are not liking it. Slinky is a great knit but Sandra Betzina says you need to add 4 to 6 inches of wearing ease to eliminate kling. Not all Slinky's are created equal either.

Linda said...

Me again, I posted a blurb on Bags Anonymous about my embellished bag as you suggested.

lindiepindie said...

This might be the first thing you've made for yourself since I've started reading. I'm glad you got a chance to make something for YOU. You're right about me making a quilt for myself. The nine patch is the first one I've ever really wanted to keep - for the very reason that it is so girlie!

I spent some time this week getting some school stuff ready for this coming year - there is a lot of work and I'm just starting with one kiddo. I don't know how you do it with 3. But I guess I'll know in a few years. :o)