Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The wonderful lady who blessed me with so much sewing supplies the last couple of weeks brought over some more this past weekend. Among the buttons and trim I found a bag full of antique hankerchiefs and napkins. She cut things like this up to use as trim on her dolls. Some of them are in disrepair because of being stored in a black garbage bag, but I can't cut them up or throw them out. I have begun to clean them up. I have been hand washing them to clean them of dirt. So far I have washed over 50 and there are more. I hung them out to dry and next I want to press them. I am going to store them in acid free tissue paper until I decide what to do with them. One beautiful one with dogwoods on has so many holes I just don't know what to do. It is so sad to see such lovely textiles in that shape. I just love them all.

I am still working on the bridesmaid dress. I put the bodice together with the lining and worked on altering the skirt of the dress. Today I am going to put the skirt together and then fit in on the bodice. I may try to put in the zipper. I need to get the customer over for a fitting this week.

Autumn and Spring are times of the year when I get so many ideas. My head is whirling around with projects I want to do. I wish I had more time to do them all. Life is so full.

Sew Long for Now!

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Elise said...

Those hankies would be lovely gifts for baby or bridal showers- tucked in as a doily of sorts, with a candle or a book. Or keep them and pass them on to your girls! They're beautiful!