Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My new favorite snack. I actually like the Krogers brand better, this is a heavenly snack with almonds and the bottom covered in almond bark. Can we consider it healthy?

Last Friday everyone here worked together and we cleaned the back verenda. It has been used as a catch all over the summer and it was in bad shape. We could really use an out building. We keep talking about getting one, but then something else more urgent comes up and the money gets used. It took us all day to clean up that area. Saturday we spent the day shopping and running errands. Sunday of course was church, and yesterday I had more errands to run besides lessons. I really need to get some sewing done, oh, I did repair a pair of jeans and hem the sleeves of a rain coat on Saturday. Today I am shooting for cutting out another of the purses I have been making this summer. I may even try to cut out two at a time, I need a new bag. I have to go buy more canning jars this morning. I have been selling salsa to my husbands co-workers. I make a hot salsa that for some reason they like. It's so bad I will not even test taste it. I have sold four dozen jars of it so far and they are asking for more.

I was excited because yesterday I also found trading card holders that I have searched for for months. I wanted them to organize my coupons. I finally found them at Toys R Us. As large of a city as I live in and that's the only place I could find them. We have four super Walmarts and not one of them had them. I guess collecting baseball cards is not as big a hobby as it used to be.

Sew Long for Now!


Lynn said...

Even as I read, I am sitting here munching away on a great bowl of Honey Granola Bites from Sam's club. It's so good. Too good. I may not be able to stop. But we can call it health food, yes ma'am. I'm all for that!

Lynn :)

PS - Your plant is lovely. I agree it's a kind of sedum. Maybe Sedum telephium.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you found your baseball card holders!