Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I began cutting out the material for the bridesmaid dress yesterday. The customer who brought me the material and pattern did not have any experience with buying patterns and I found that the bust was 5 inches too big. This is a sleeveless dress. I altered the pattern and so far I have altered out 3 inches. I need to get rid of another two. It has 3 seams on each side, six seams to subtract equally from, so I will take .50 off of two seams and .25 off of four seams and that should make 2 inches. Then I will be able to cut the inner lining the right size the first time I cut it out. This dress also has boning and I have never put boning in a dress I made. I have worked around it altering dresses. I pray it is not too complicated to deal with. Besides the bridesmaid dress I have two pairs of pants to embroidery and a table topper I want to do for my brother.

Oh, and it's Wednesday. I am suppose to be making salsa today. I hope I have enough tomatoes to do a batch. By the way I am a little burnt out on making salsa.

Sew Long for Now!

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