Monday, September 01, 2008

These are some dishclothes I knitted this week.

I want to let everyone know I am ok and I am sorry about the short blogging break. My computer got ill and had to go to the computer doctor for a week. I didn't realize how much I had come to depend on it until it was gone. Everyday I would find something I needed to do, like pay a bill or print a list I had customized, and realize I couldn't do it. It was probably the best time for it to happen though. A lot has gone on around here.

Some who know me know that every year I move bedrooms around in our home. We literally switch people to other rooms. Last year I switched five sets of rooms around and said I would never do it again because it was so tiring and such a lot of work. Well...last week our youngest came and ask to move his bedroom into where my sewing room was. Poor child, he has had his bedroom moved every year for eleven years. At first I said, "NO!" But, then after thinking about it and the advantages of it we decided it would be a great idea. He first ask to move into his older brother's room. We wouldn't let that happen because his older brother may be at school most of the year, but he does come home and we want him to feel that this is still his home and he does have a place he belongs. It took two days to switch. Getting his stuff moved and put up took one evening, it took two days to get the sewing stuff moved! I have too much stuff. Speaking of which, I was blessed beyond words during this week. A friend of mine who used to sew a lot, but who stopped years ago is cleaning out her home. One of her sons and his children are moving in with her. She no longer sews, she is now into scrapbooking. She brought over three car loads of stash and stuff and gave it to me! You would not believe the beautiful things she gave me. I could start my own sewing store! She told me last night she still had more. I found place for lots of it, but there is so much more and I will have to find place for it.

Our oldest came home for the weekend. We had a lovely time. I made all his favorite meals and we just spoiled him. The General also took off the whole weekend and it has been a real family time. On Saturday the General made us all breakfast. His famous blueberry panCAKES.

This is one cooking in the electric skillet.

Here is one on the plate. He makes them as big as plates! I am amazed how he flips them one handed. I would break them all to pieces.
Sew Long for Now!

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