Monday, September 15, 2008

On the 14th of the month I participate in "a day in my life." I enjoy reading others day and find it fun to compare with women all over the world.

My day started at 3:30 a.m. when I awoke to the alarm clock and got up and ready to deliver the Sunday paper. I deliver papers 7 days a week, but Sundays are harder than the rest in our area. We lovingly refer to them as catalogs they are so big and full of ads. One of the children always go with me to help and today was Captain Kitty's turn. We picked up our papers at the distribution center and began to deliver them when I noticed the van was making a funny noise. It continued to make a funny noise and a strange vibration. I was thinking what do I do? I know that if you drive a vehicle when somethings wrong it can often make a worse problem and cause more in cost to fix so I continued until about 5:30 a.m. when I called the General. He had to go to work so I waited as long as I thought I could to wake him up. I explained to him the problem and he told me to come home and switch cars. My paper routes are near enough my house that it didn't take too much time, but it did cause a delay so I had to flag my routes (call in and ask for extra time in case a customer complained.) We finished about 7:40 and headed to Sheetz. On Sundays who ever helps me gets to get a milkshake on the way home. I noticed Sheetz still had a blank sign where they usually display their gas prices, so while paying for the shake I ask the lady when they thought they would get gas in. She said they didn't know, they were in a line for a truck. A lot of stations in town were completely out of gas due to people trying to fill up before they price went up from the problems associated with the hurricane. They began raising their prices Friday, some as much as $1.50 a gallon more.

When I got home I took a shower and got dressed to go to church. Sunday mornings can be a little hectic due to trying to hurry home from delivering the papers and get together myself and the children to go to church. We got ready and headed off to Sunday School. I had a lot of little errands to run at church. I brought three head of red cabbage and gave to a friend in Sunday School, I brought a web address I had been promising to e-mail another friend in Sunday School and kept forgetting, I paid another friend in Sunday School for a pizza kit my husband purchased from her son for a band booster fund raiser, and I took a purse I finished on Saturday to another friend who ask me to make one for her.

I thought the purse turned out cute. She wanted it shades of black. The inside is lined with pockets also.

Our Sunday School lesson was similar to our sermon this morning. Every fall our church does a session where everyone studies the same thing. We are doing a series called "Live Like You Were Dieing." The message was on priorities in your life. After church I came home and decided to take a short nap because I was going to stay up later than usual tonight. So after lunch Captain Kitty and I took a nap while our little bee keeper played on the x-box. I got up 1/2 hour before the General was due home and decided to check my e-mail and due a little surfing on the net. I had a message from our oldest son so I called him and about that time the General came home. The General had drove the van and said it was something in the fuel system causing the problem. He had stopped by the store on the way home and picked up a new fuel filter and air filter and went to changing it while I talked to our oldest. Then I gave him the phone and I drove the van around the block to check it out while he talked a while. The van was still doing it a little, but not like early this morning. We decided we had gotten some bad gas somewhere and I would just drive it until I ran that tank dry and then put some gas treatment in with the next fill-up.

When I came in I fixed supper, hot wings and chicken burgers so we could eat before our church meetings that evening. After supper the General and I headed off to our small home group meeting. The children stayed home. They could have gone to the church for a meeting, but they go to church several more times in a week and wanted to have a night of rest. With the school year started they have activities every night of the week right now and they need some time to just goof off. The General and I go on Sunday night because it is the only "church" time he gets during the week. Our small group is studying the same thing as Sunday School and church so we split into men and women and did the study. Afterwards they do a bit of socializing, but we usually leave pretty quickly because I have to go to bed.

When we got home I had a hard time going to sleep because of being all keyed up from the study and so it took me to 9:30 to get to sleep. Today I got up at 3 a.m. so I am going to be tired today!

Sew Long for Now!

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Tia said...

A busy busy day, thank you for sharing it.

The purse looks beautiful.