Thursday, September 11, 2008

Good morning. Yesterday was one of those busy, yet peaceful days. Have you ever had the kind that was filled with things to do, yet everything went smoothly on and you seemed to get things accomplished? I had planned to quilt the outside layer of the purse I am making. I also got the inside pockets made and attached. I didn't cut out the bridesmaid dress, but I did get 10 thank you cards made, wrote a note in each, and sent them on their way.

While working in the sewing room it struck me as cute that the cat's new favorite place to lie is on my cutting table. He looks so comfy there.

The house work and lessons with the children seemed to go so smoothly yesterday. I got some of my ironing and laundry done. The stairwell between floors got cleaned. The salsa was made and ready for the General to take to work today. We got all the lessons done for both children and didn't skip a thing. I even had time to work on sorting my coupons since getting the trading card holders to put them in. It will take me a few days more to get that in order.

Today I am looking forward to my sister, my niece, and my great nephew visiting on their way home from Pennsylvania. Captain Kitty begins singing school today and our little bee keeper has 4-H. At our home today is the last day of the week before the weekend. The General's days off are Friday and Saturday so we work on a different schedule than most. I look forward to having him here tomorrow and the different routine that brings.

Sew Long for Now!


DiddleDaddleDesigns said...

The salsa looks delicious. Have a wonderful weekend.

Elise said...

Your kitty is like my children... they always want to be wherever I am! So cute.
I'm so happy that you had a productive day- and now my mouth is watering for your salsa! :)