Tuesday, January 31, 2006

We are still battling illness here. I took my two youngest to the doctor today. They have both had fevers since Friday. They both have had coughs and headaches. I thought it was viral, but, looking into Captain Chaos' throat I decided to call the doctor's office. They suggested bringing them in. They checked them out and it is viral. Captain Kitty does not have pink eye, neither has strep. So, they were sent home with a prescription for fluids, vitamin C, and rest. They both really want to feel better by the weekend since the Bible Quiz tournament is this weekend.

On the sewing front. I have gotten little done with them ill. I haven't kept up with my housework. I haven't done school work this week. I haven't done any sewing since Sunday. I did go shopping at JoAnn's tonight to get that red thread I needed. They had a great sale and I found two materials I liked on the bargain table with a 60% sign. So, I got 6 yards for around $7. I am washing some flannel that I bought back in November as I type this. I am planning on making myself a new gown. I need to go through my file cabinet to see if I have pattern I want to use.

Sew Long for Now.

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