Saturday, January 28, 2006

Saturday, ah Saturday. Did I get a lot of sewing caught up? NO! My lovely husband decided he wanted to rearrange the computer room/office which is also my sewing room. I really like where he put the computer, but I am going to have to evaluate where I put some of my sewing things. They are not fitting as cosy as they where. The problem is I need more storage and I need to get some of the stuff out of here. One whole wall in here is bookshelves over flowing with books. I love my books, but, I need to find somewhere else in the house to keep them. Another thing is that right now I am using tables in a U-shape to sit things on. I really need a cabinet system so I have more room to store things. I have my antique vanity in here. That wouldn't be so bad if it fit. I also have my antique desk in here. They both are housing my stamping and scrapbooking supplies. If I had some type of cabinets I could store these items much better. I need to brain storm and then sketch some ideas and start a plan for this.

I did repair Captain Crunch's p.j. bottoms that had a hole. I did repair the youth pastor's jacket that needed a broken snap replaced. I did rip a broken zipper out of a coat that needs a new zipper put in. Unfortunately with the coat I was out of the right color thread to replace the zipper. I will have to get some in the next few days and get that done. I baked a coconut cake and made some turtles for dessert. I worked on knitting my other sock. I have two sick young ones and I doled out medicine and reminded them to drink more fluid. And of course I did help a little with the rearranging of the room.

Have a glorious Lord's Day!
Sew Long for Now!

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