Sunday, January 29, 2006

I read some where that mending is not sewing. I seem to do a lot of mending. I decided today to do something I have been wanting to do, but, never find the time to. Something, fun. So, I thought of several projects I have been wanting to do, but, always put on the back burner for the more pressing and I picked one. I made a scarf on my sewing machine. I used Sulky wash-away stabilizer, some ribbon yarn and two colors of fun fur. I sewed the ribbon yarn down on the stabilizer using a zig zag stitch and placed it in a graft pattern. I sewed this yarn to the stabilizer every 1 inches. Oh, I used a 30 inch long by 9 inch wide piece of stabilizer. Next, I sewed black fun fur inbetween the black and grey ribbon yarn. I did this on both the vertical direction and the horizontal direction. Finally, I sewed some varigated green and blue fun fur in swirl designs over the whole piece to give it some color. I did this all flat. When I had finished this I twisted the piece and sewed the ends together. I put the piece through three hot water soaks and rinses to get the stabilizer out. Now, it is hanging to dry. Tomorrow I hope to take a picture of the piece to show you. While doing this Captain Kitty and I were talking. She really liked what I had done and I offered to make her one. She ask if I would make her a boa using the hairpin method. So I need to get some real fuzzy yarn and fold a metal clothes rack to do that. I noticed Michael's has a big sale on yarn this week. I am going to try to get a few skeins.

Sew Long for Now.

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