Tuesday, January 03, 2006

It's a new year and I haven't gotten any sewing done in days. Sad. I spent New Years day cleaning and decluttering the washroom/basement. I had neglected that room way too long. Yesterday school started back here. I am also trying to declutter the house and get myself back on schedule from all the things I neglected last year. I worked in our bedroom and on some bookshelves in the kitchen. I am reading a book called Plain and Simple Organization. My sewing room is on today's schedule. I really need to get it better organized and cleaned. I fear it will take more than then the time I can give it today. I have so much material and scraps of material to deal with. I have a hard time throwing away even little pieces of material. I also have so many projects awaiting my attention. Sometimes it feels overwhelming. With God all things are possible! So may He bless my efforts today.

Sew Long for Now!