Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I got in some sewing over the weekend. I hemmed three pair of pants for a customer and sewed patches on Captain Crunch's CAP uniform. The funniest sewing I have done lately was today! Today was busy. Captain Crunch started back to his class at the local community college. After dropping him off I had several errands to run. One involved a trip to a notary with General Gorgeous and I, so every one had to go on the errands this morning. As we walked out of the bank Captain Chaos told me I had a hole in my skirt! Eeck. I looked down and there was this decent size hole in the side of my skirt. You could see my panties! How embarrasing. When we got home I went to my sewing room and slipped off my skirt and sewed it up. Thankfully it was in the seam.

I can knit scarves and afghans, but, nothing more complicated. For several years I have been wanting to learn to knit socks. My friend's mother is an expert knitter. The only problem is she lives in Florida. This friend's mother is here visiting! I have the needles and a skein of magic stripes. Tomorrow after lunch the children and I are going over my friend's house and her mother is going to give me a lesson in knitting socks. I am so excited! I have called her everyday making sure I have everything I need.

Sew Long for Now.