Monday, October 27, 2008

On Friday I had to deliver 1745 papers. It was a special promotion. It took us 8 hours. I was suppose to deliver 1945. They called me Thursday night to say they lowered my amount by 200 papers. That was great, but I was still soar and tired afterwards. I did not get anything else except supper done on Friday.

I did work on some sewing on Sunday after church. I sewed out a design I had digitized for some one and started piecing the table topper. I am quite far and hope to get it finished this week. I had a call this morning from the digitize customer and she wants some changes and I have three pair of pants to alter for some one. These are all things I do in my spare time. I still have a household to run and lessons to do with the children plus deliver the papers everyday. Life is so rich and full.

Sew Long for Now!

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