Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I haven't been very faithful about writing, sorry. Life has been a bit hectic here. Our van, that I use for the paper route, had to have new brakes. My husband replaced them. The day he finished that the power steering started acting funny, something called the raconpion went out. He spent the weekend replacing that. Sunday morning I got up to a kitchen floor covered in water. The frig was leaking. We had just cleaned the coils last spring, but we spent Sunday afternoon cleaning them again hoping that would solve the problem without an expensive fix. So far it has held up! Today I was trying to put a rolled serge hem around a piece of shear fabric for a lady to use as a shawl over a formal dress and my serger's upper looper tension wasn't working. I got the piece finished by holding the thread where it comes off the cone between my fingers to simulate tension while serging the edge of the material. This afternoon when I take our little bee keeper to piano lessons I am going to stop by my favorite sewing machine dealer and have them look at it. I called this morning and it may be just something stuck in there preventing it from working right, if not my baby will be at the doctors being fixed.

The above picture is of a wall hanging a lady is giving to her parents as an anniversary present. It is beautiful up close. The flowers are applicaid on by needle turn. No, I didn't do it! I wish. The stitches are so tiny and perfect! I embroidered the verse on the bottom for her.

I was going to show a picture of the material I picked out to make the table topper for my brother, but the cat seems to have claimed it as his bed. He looks so cute, don't trust that innocent look. He loved to chew up paper. I have to chase him out if I am not here or else he chews up patterns, directions, books, you name it.

This looks like a wonderful idea-laze away the afternoon in a sunny spot-ah that would be the life!

Sew Long for Now!


Anonymous said...

I feel for you. I hate it when you get one thing working and another one breaks. We used to have a refrigerator that leaked like yours does. We never did figure out what caused the leaking. It was infrequent, but a pain just the same.

I really like the picture at the top by the title of your blog. Is that a dry creek bed or a road/path?

Cindi said...

Thanks,that's a dry creek bed at Sherando Lake near Lyndhurst, VA.