Friday, October 17, 2008

I awoke to rain this morning. I didn't know it was suppose to rain. The rain is needed, but it was a little wet on the paper routes. We also were suppose cover the grill, lawn mower, and tiller back up yesterday and it never got done. Now, they are a little wet.

The General bought me some new toys last night. He bought me a new computer monitor, 22 inch. Wow, I love this monitor. Our old monitor was a hand me down from churh when they upgraded a few years ago. It was a huge 13 inch. I have tons of space on the desk top with this flat screen model. He also bought me a wireless key board and mouse. Our old key board and mouse were hand me downs from a friend's brother. We have a habit here of taking people's discards and using them until they can be used no more. I hate to see things thrown out and I hate waste. Not very often do I have some thing new. It is sort of exciting.

I spent some time yesterday finally working on my brother's tap topper. I cut out all the strips and began sewing them together. The last of my company left yesterday. Today Captain Kitty goes to fall retreat with our church's youth group. With just the General and little bee keeper here this weekend I should be able to get some sewing in.

Sew Long for Now!

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Linda said...

You will truly love that large screen monitor. So happy for you that you got one. Miss you at ASG!