Sunday, October 19, 2008

I should be at church, the papers were late again and I was late getting home. Sigh, this is becoming a typical thing with them. Especially, Sundays and then I can't make it to church.

Yesterday I didn't get any sewing done. I did get a lot of help in my sewing room. When we moved it, we were in a hurry and then right after that the friend brought me all that stash. It was a mess. The General helped me clean it out yesterday. He cut down one of the table I had and rebuilt it 3 foot shorter. That really helped because then I got to T it to the other table. He and the little bee keeper helped me move 11 of the big rubber maid containers into the storage area in the basement. The General cut out some holes in my shelving unit on the wall next to the computer and ran the wires neatly through them and under the table to my sewing machine. It looks so much neater. I still have 5 huge rubbermaid containers in the room, 4 are in the closet and one is in the corner. The room looks so much better. I felt like I was trying to work in a storage shed. It saps my creativity to be in a mess. Now, I just need to find a system of rearranging all the containers of stash and supply so I will be able to find things and use them.

I have a big five drawer file cabnet. I need to clean it out and put all my patterns in it. I have them spread out everywhere. That will be one of my first projects. Hah, what am I saying. I promised to clean off all the bookshelves months ago and purge my books. I promised last spring to clean out the photos and put them in albums and print the ones I haven't for the last 5 years or so. Don't even ask about my kitchen. I rearranged it last year and everyone hates where I put things so I need to redo that mess. Will I ever get things caught up? Probably not, but I have no excuse for every being bored!

Sew Long for Now!

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