Wednesday, February 14, 2007

You know I just couldn't resist personalizing one of these hearts! Going on 21 years this May and more in love each day!
Today is also Captain Kitty's 12th birthday. Our love child. Well, all our children are loved, but we joke about her being born on Valentine's Day. I finished all three blankets and gave them to the children today. They absolutely adore them. Captain Chaos will not put his down. He drags it around into every room he's in. No chocolate here, I will pick up the birthday cake this afternoon. We stopped doing birthday parties a few years ago. I just couldn't get into them. Now each child gets to pick out a store bought cake, a restaraunt to go out to, and an activity with the family. Usually, they ask to go to the movies or rent movies. We also spend the money we would have on a party and let them get more presents. Since CK's birthday is on a Wednesday and we have church tonight we will go out to eat and to a movie (her choice) Saturday. Her father and I got her a cat and a new violin for her birthday.
Our romantic Valentine's Day, we are going to a concert with the Celtic Women next Thursday.
Sew Long for Now!


Ann V.@HolyExperience said...

A Violin too!! Oh, Hope was just saying yesterday that she can't wait to hear Captain Kitty play someday for her!

Happy Birthday and Blessed Valentine's Day!!

The Voskamps

Elise said...

That Celtic Women concert sounds wonderful! Have fun!
And...Happy Birthday to Captain Kitty!