Thursday, February 22, 2007

I have added another sewing machine to my collection. My friend's mother passed away this past year. She wanted to find a good home for her sewing machine. How could I say no. They have the original receipt where her parents bought this machine. It has been neglected during these past years with her mother's illness. I think with a little loving care it can be cleaned up and made new again. Now I have a 1923 treadle, this machine (1940's I thought she said), 3 newer machines and a serger.

I did have almost finished my skirt. My cold got worse again. It turned into a sinus and ear infection and I had to break down and get medicine from the doctor for it. I am starting to feel better!

Sew Long for Now!


deb said...

Cindi - my, goodness! You have been sick for a long time! But I am like you in that I hold on as long as I can before paying a doctor! Then...I pay a doctor! I should learn my lesson. But I'm so glad you're on the mend!

Elise said...

That sewing machine is beautiful!
I'm sorry you're *still* sick - I agree with Deb - we all hold out because we're taking care of everyone else! But I'm glad the doctor was able to help.