Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My sewing has not been anything exciting the last two days. Just alterations. I am headed to a class on using my serger this morning. So hopefully I will have some fun stuff soon.

Our garden has been doing well. I have picked beans (blue lake), cucumbers, our first tomato, cucumbers, cucumbers, zuchini, squash, and cucumbers. For some reason our cucumbers have done great. I stopped at the downtown market Monday and bought peaches, yum.

Our oldest ds who is 17 is headed to the Dominion Republic Friday for a short mission trip. He still had to come up with $300 for this trip. Last night about 9:30 the phone rang. Some one from church called to say they had some extra money this money and they would like to give it to him for his trip...$300. God is so cool!

Sew Long for Now!


Lisa said...

I'm glad your garden is doing well. The critters got my first batch of tomatoes and squash but there are more coming now and Tim built a fence around them for me yesterday. Maybe we'll get a tomato or two.

I remember years ago getting peaches at the downtown market and taking them to a friend's out in...oh dear, out 311...the name went out of my head. We made peach ice cream. We had stopped at the end of the day and they just sort of gave us a bunch of peaches because they were pretty much spent. We could barely hold on to them to cut them..they slid right off the pit and made the best ice cream I've ever had. My friend died a couple of years later so that is a very precious memory for me. Thanks for the reminder. :)

Out of the blue (ohhh Catawba, knew it would come to me lol) he gets $300. Amazing! I hope he has a wonderful experience.

Enjoy your class today!

lindiepindie said...

I've just taken one sewing class for my machine, and although it was really basic, it was a lot of fun! I'm looking forward to my next class this Saturday and I hope you had fun at yours!

What a show of God's faithfulness to your child. It must have been amazing to witness it!

Linda said...

Cindi, what great news. Glad this worked out so well him and your family.