Saturday, July 29, 2006

I just wanted to pop in again today to post about a pattern alteration I did that is really easy and helpful. Captain Chaos has grown since last year when we got the pattern for the capris pants pjs. I didn't want to have to buy a new pattern so I decided to alter the pattern we already had. The pants would fit her, but she would loose the 4 inch easy built into the pattern. Since they are for wearing to bed I thought she needed that easy to be comfortable. The pattern consist of two pieces and you cut four pieces out of fabric. Since I wanted to add four inches I distributed this over all four pieces by adding one inch inserts to both pattern pieces.

I folded the pattern over and cut down the fold. Then I cut out a one inch strip from brown pattern paper. I taped this to the pattern.

Here is a picture of the purple capris pjs. I thought about making a top to go with them, but I am considering just getting a t-shirt to wear with them. She will be going to camp in a couple of weeks and needs some new pjs. I think I will make a couple more bottoms and buy matching t's.

Sew Long for Now!


lindiepindie said...

Great creative thinking! That's a great tip.

So if green is your color, is your daughter's color purple?

Cindi said...

Yes, she loves purple! Everything has to be purple. I giggle to think the next pair of pj's will be orange because I have some orange material I got on sale!

Lisa said...

A.C.Moore has nice t-shirts really cheap. We got some for $2...if they're not on sale you can go online and sign up and get coupons every week. They have every color under the sun, too.

You know you confused me saying Captain Chaos. lol I couldn't quite see him in capris. lol I didn't realize how much I picture each kid with their Captain name. LOL I knew you meant Captain Kitty. :) They look great, by the way.