Sunday, July 09, 2006

I got the shirt almost done. I am only lacking putting the buttons on. I will do that when they lady I am making these for comes over for a fitting. I have a sundress to make for her and then she will come and I can fit the shirt for button placement, the dress and skirts for hem length.

I having been rereading The Hidden Art of Homemaking. In one chapter she talks about fresh flowers and how they brighten a home. I can grow vegetables, but, I am not the best at growing flowers. I have two pots of flowers on my front porch and I struggle to keep these alive. My husband used to bring me flowers alot. I got him to stop. You see I have this tendency to be over practical. Flowers cost money, money that could be used for other things. In THAoH she mentions people in the Netherlands and how even the poor use a little to get fresh flowers for their homes. I remembered a year or two ago when my husband brought me flowers again after many years. I remembered how happy those flowers made me. So, while at the store yesterday I picked up some flowers. Now, mind you I bought the marked down ones! LOL.

All this to say, they did brighten up last nights supper. I think sometimes I can be over practical. I might have to do this more often.

Sew Long for Now!


Lisa said...

That top is so pretty, even without buttons! And I love the flowers and your arrangement. I think you're right. It's possible to be over practical. I can be that way too, but lately I've started enjoying little pleasures like flowers (or fabric or beads lol) and it really is a pick-me-up.

JuliaR said...

When I was away at school and living in one rented room on a very tight budget, I would sometimes indulge myself by buying a few fresh cut flowers and putting them in a jam jar on my little desk. It cheered me up no end.

And that top really is very cute!

lindiepindie said...

I tend to be overly practical as well. I guess I could use some loosening-up as well. The flowers are beautiful!