Saturday, July 29, 2006

I have had such a busy week and haven't been here much. We started easing back into school this week. I had a doctor's appt. I had a serger class. It was vacation Bible school at our church. We had all the preparations for our oldest leaving on a mission trip. I can't think what all else, but it seemed very busy.

Captain Cool left last night with a group from our church going on a mission trip. A doctor and a couple of nurses from our church went with the group and they took a lot of medical supplies. Captain Cool is giving a message in Spainish to the teens one of the nights. Our teens also took baseball supplies and they will do an outreach baseball game in a small town. They will give away all the gloves, balls, and bats they brought after the game. We are praying for him and that all they do glorify God.

Captain Kitty and Captain Chaos went to the neighborhood Bible time at our church this week. Captain Kitty said the most memory verses for the week, over 30. She won two tickets to the local baseball game tonight. Building 429 will be having a concert after the game. The General and I are going to take the two of them.

I have gotten some sewing done this week. I have almost finished the fourth piece of clothing for a customer. I have almost completed some capris pj pants for Captain Kitty. I have almost finished a baby blanket I am making for some one. I did hem a jacket. Today I have to run and mail our notice of intent to the school board. It is due Wednesday, nothing like cutting it close. Then the rest of day until game time is going to be committed to finishing all those things.

a close up of the decorative serged edge on the baby blanket.

The "mysterious sunflower" that appeared under our tree.

A close-up, isn't it gorgeous!

Sew Long for Now!


deb said...

We had two volunteer sunflowers this in our front flower bed with the coneflowers and another...guess where? inside the compost bin! I haven't taken a picture yet, but I definitely need to since it looks so funny. Yours is pretty!

lindiepindie said...

What a pretty, lone sunflower!

The things you can do with sergers are so cool - maybe one day I'll own one!

God bless your son on his trip - I hope it is filled with experiences that will grow him spiritually. We already know that God wants him there, as evidenced by the $300 - so now, it will be exciting when he gets back to see what God has done!