Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I have the first of the four dresses almost completed.

I need to buy a zipper to put in and then finish attaching the straps for the arms, hem it and it will be done. Until I get the zipper I will be working on two of the other dresses that I have cut out. I really thought this was a cute dress. I ask Captain Kitty about it. She liked the style ok, but, was not so crazy about the brown and pink. I like the color combination, I would have prefered some type of print in the pink and maybe the brown be dotted. I don't know about all the solid. I also embroiderd a riding collar for a girl to wear in competition this week. I finished some stitching on the purple surprise. This morning we had swimming lessons again. After lunch we spent a lot of time reading a loud. I am reading The Penderwicks a loud to the children. This book is a very cute story. It has what we call "the typical Disney plot" of motherless children who practically raise themselves, but there are some funny parts in the book. I need to start looking around for another book to read out loud after we finish this one. We have started Robinson Cruiseo several times, but found something we wanted to read more pressing. Maybe we should finally finish that one. Tomorrow after swimming I need to take Captian Cool shopping. He ruined his last pair of shorts over the weekend and is headed out of town this weekend for a week long missions training course.

Sew Long for Now!


Tori said...

Hi, my name is Tori and I'm a lurker! *Ü*

No really, I have been coming here and reading for a while, thought I would post.

I just recently got into sewing again, not that I ever did more than wading in it. I would love to be a sewer, you know, making clothes and things, as of now I'm just a little wanna be.

So did you finish the purple suit thinggy your working on? Would love to see it.

Cindi said...

Welcome Tori! I didn't plan to get into sewing. When I married my husband we were young, in love, and extremely challenged financially! I first sewed a jumper because I needed something new to wear. Then I started sewing things here and there, but, never to the extent I do now. When we moved one time we began attending a church with lots of elderly women who sewed. They motivated me and I found it was something I enjoyed. I still have lots to learn. I find that encouragement has spurred on my love of sewing. In real life encouragement is great, but, sometimes hard to find. Blogs have turned out to be such a blessing to a lot of us.

Do you mean the purple surprise? I worked on that again this morning

JuliaR said...

I suppose you may have already read this but I recommend the seven Narnia books as read-out-loud material. My husband had never read them and so one Winter, we sat down and read them aloud to each other. It was magical. We also read "Rascal", the book about the racoon, aloud and that worked very well too. I read these books as a child so that's why I recommend them but they work well for adults too.

Lisa said...

Cindi, you have been so busy! I think that dress is really cute. You do such a nice job. It was neat to hear a little more about you in your comment to Tori.

I got so tickled about those glasses being in your freezer for years. Funny how we look at stuff every day but stop seeing it. I have stuff like that, too.

Still want to get together one of these days. Somehow I seem to be busier now than I was before summer. I'm not sure how that works. lol

Cindi said...

Julia we just read all seven Narnia books this past spring. We loved them. I have never heard of Rascal though. I will have to check that out. We finished The Penderwicks today.

Cindi said...

Lisa, we have to get together for tea one day. I know what you mean about being busy. I am overwhelmed.

lindiepindie said...

I agree - the dress would look nicer if there was a print someplace - polka dots would be great! But alas, it is not mine. *sigh* I hope JoAnn's is close to you because it sure does seem you run there alot.

I also liked reading about how you got into sewing. Neat story.

Cindi said...

JoAnn's is less than 3 miles from my house! It does seem I go there a lot. I will be going there again tomorrow morning. LOL!

JuliaR said...

I wrote a long, literary comment with some other recommendations and Blogger ate it. Here then, in brief:
Rascal by Sterling North
Ring of Bright Water by Gavin Maxwell
The Railway Children by E. Nesbit
any novel by Nevil Shute