Thursday, March 09, 2006

Yesterday was a much better day and productive. I decide not to work on any digitizing. I worked on the bridesmaid dresses. I hemmed two. Since they had three layers to hem each it took some time. Today I hope to work on the last two, but, it is a busy running day so I am not sure if I will get anything accomplished. I now have the 70 shirts that I have to embroidery by the 24th of March. I also have several doll type dresses to make for a customer by Easter, maybe 10 or more. I have 3 more bridesmaid dresses coming for a wedding in April and some pants to hem for a bride before her honeymoon.

Tonight is the ASG meeting and we will be in a new place. I look forward to going!

Sew Long for Now.


Mother Hen said...

Oh, Cindi-

Whaat you have gone through for your customers the last couple of days...I think I would have thrown the computer out the window if I had as many probblems as you did...I sure hope the lady with the bad copies appreciates your hard work...I'll say it again...You are amazing! I am so blessed to know you and call you Friend!

Cindi said...

Laura, thanks for the sweet words. Hug the bambinos for me!

Linda said...

Cindi, good seeing you at ASG Thursday. Just looked at your RESERVED embroidery. Very nice!!